WINGS- Israel’s Best Chicken Wings-CLOSED


As an avid American football and Seattle Seahawks fan, Sunday night football with wings and beer is an integral part of the game watching experience. Before this season, me and my close friends would watch football and indulge ourselves in tasty home made wings and local beers in our friend’s apartment. Week after week we would tell our friend, who cooked the wings from scratch, that he needs to open a restaurant in Tel Aviv. The convincing finally worked, Wings opened their doors early September and haven’t looked back. Wings provide the American style of wings previously unavailable in Tel Aviv.


Located on Herzl street right to Rothschild Street, Wings offers delicious kosher wings and bar food. Co-owner Eytan White, who made aliyah from New York, brought with him his love of American style wings which was lacking in Israel. Eytan was introduced to now co-owner Robert Ben Or through a mutual friend and the rest is history. White, with a kosher mind set and “wing man” expertise, along with Ben Or’s culinary experience, created the perfect match. Wings has become one of the more popular restaurants in Tel Aviv.

The menu highlights 13 tasty sauces for their fresh chicken wings. You choose how many pieces and how you want them cooked. For crispy wings (gluten free), they offer three options: 8 pieces for 26 NIS, 12 pieces for 36NIS and 18 pieces for 53 NIS. The other option is wings in beer batter and panko: 8 pieces for 34 NIS, 12 pieces for 44 NIS, and 18 pieces for 61 NIS. Wings offers different combinations of wings and assorted side dishes as well.


Those who are looking for something else other than wings, they offer popcorn chicken which is very good as well. They offer different sides that go very well with wings, such as onion rings, sweet potato fries or regular fries. They also offer Caesar salad and coleslaw.


For drinks, they offer different types of beers and soft drinks. I recommend the Stranger Beer. The Stranger is a local micro brew that is brewed by a fellow Oleh from America and it goes extremely well with wings.

Wings is hosting the biggest Super Bowl party in Israel this upcoming Sunday. They are offering a set price: all you can eat wings, fries and good deals on the beers. Check out their Facebook page for details.


Order: 12 Crispy Wings with half of them having buffalo sauce and the other half Korean sauce. Order a Stanger beer as well.

Average price: 50 NIS

Address: Herzl 12

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12PM-2AM, Thursday 12PM-4AM and Saturday night 7PM-2AM

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