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Oliver- a great salad at a great price.


While walking on busy Carlebach Street, one might experience overload with the many different food options available. For those seeking a healthier alternative, there is Oliver –  one of the fresh salad options located in the center of Tel Aviv.

Oliver, located in the heart of Carlebach street (a few minute walk from Habima), offer fresh and tasty healthy salads and sandwiches. Vanessa, the owner of Oliver, opened the thriving salad bar over 8 years ago. Vanessa is originally from South Africa,  so ordering in English is not an issue.


Upon arrival at Oliver, from the hours of 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. there is be a constant line. Don’t be concerned, as  the line moves rather  quickly. The staff is very friendly and works at a very quick pace. Even during their busier times, the staff makes each customer’s as it’s their very own. All the vegetables are delivered every morning and are very fresh. Almost every vegetable imaginable is available at Oliver. In addition, they offer various cheeses, nuts, tuna, quinoa and many different dressings. I recommend adding quinoa to your salad as it goes perfectly with tehina dressing. Oliver also offers fresh sandwiches – tuna, hardboiled egg, omelet and many of the types of cheeses that they offer


The best times to arrive at Oliver to order your salad without waiting  is before 12p.m. and after 2pm. You have the option of faxing your order – which takes around 30 minutes from order to completion. They recommend calling 10 minutes before arrival to confirm that the order is ready.

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Owner’s sandwich recommendation: The tuna sandwich.

Breakfast deal: Until 12p.m. they offer any sandwich for only 18NIS

Price:  Different sizes of salads from 26 NIS to 35 NIS. Sandwiches prices start from 18NIS(before 12 p.m.) to 24 NIS

Address: Carlebach 18

Hours: Sunday-Friday 7AM-3PM

Phone: 03-6098160


Sandwich Itzik and Ruthie- The best sandwich in Tel Aviv from your favorite old couple


It’s five in the morning on a weekday, you’re located at a crowded restaurant on trendy Sheinkin Street with a long line of people waiting to buy a sandwich. You might be confused, but if you’re at Sandwiches Itzik and Ruthie then this middle of the night experience makes perfect sense. When a lovely couple makes sandwiches for over 57 years, you know that something excellent is happening there. So what’s their secret?  Fresh bread and vegetables, special zucchini salad, and eggs are just a few of the delicious things that bring people back to this sandwich place until the early hours of the morning.


There is one thing that brings customers back asking for more, it’s this intangible thing called “love” which every customer receives with every sandwich. Itzik and Ruthie present such warmth when making each sandwich, you feel like a little kid again, who goes to school with their sandwich made by their very own mother.


The menu offers their famous sandwiches with tuna salad, eggplant salad, avocado salad, herring, cream cheese, spicy carrots and zucchini salad. In addition, they offer a renowned shakshuka in a bun and tasty hot dogs with fresh sauerkraut.

Order: Scrambled eggs with beef jerky and smoked sausage in a fresh bun. The sandwich is smeared with mayonnaise and tomato, pickles and strips of lettuce soaked in salt water.   The eggs are very rich in flavor with every mayonnaise flavored bite creating a heavenly taste.


Owners Recommendation: Order the salad sandwich, which is composed of zucchini, perfectly cooked brown onions and dill.

Price:18 NIS

Address: 53 Sheinkin Street

Hours: Sunday-Friday 3:30AM-11AM or till they run out of food

Bar Gurion- Affordable Israeli bistro in the heart of the city

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While walking down busy Ibn Gabirol street, you will find yet another Israeli cuisine gem. Bar Gurion, named after David Ben Gurion (their logo is a drawing of him), is an Israeli cuisine restaurant which continues the new concept of set price meals. Their 25 NIS per plate is proudly displayed on the walls of their restaurant.


Bar Gurion, located in the heart of Tel Aviv across the northern part of Kikar Rabin, provides a young lively bistro, where the door is open around the clock. During the day you can enjoy a huge selection of meals. At night, the restaurant becomes a full service bar.


Bar Gurion provides the real Israeli bistro, rich in flavors and always fresh. Open around the clock, you can enjoy good food at any time. Bar Gurion will help you start your morning with hearty breakfasts, tasty sandwiches and fresh coffee which is served with delicious fresh cake. In the afternoon, you will find a attractive business deal (37 NIS) and their dinner menu offers a huge selection with all sorts of options such as different kinds of fresh pasta, salads, hamburgers, classic chicken liver, and fish and chips


When the sun goes down, Bar Gurion becomes a Tel Aviv bar/restaurant. The atmosphere is lively with music and drinks flowing all night. Prices for their drinks are very affordable. For 10 NIS, you can choose from a glass of wine, a glass of beer, champagne or assorted shots of alcohol. For 15 NIS, you can choose from two types of excellent beers and Arak with grapefruit juice. For 20 NIS, they offer they different whisky and vodka based drink specials.

Business meal: Bar Gurion offer three different business specials – a pasta based meal, a salad based meal, and a meat based meal. I recommend ordering the pasta business meal. You receive  your pasta of choice as your main course, with drinks and appetizers for only 37 NIS.


Order: I recommend ordering their famous schnitzel. It is one of the better schnitzels in the white city. The chicken is fresh and it is cooked perfectly, served with fresh lemons and french fries.

Recommendation: Pasta. They offer many different types of  pasta with excellent sauces. Each plate of pasta cost you a mere 29 NIS.

Address:  Ibn Gabirol Street 82

Hours: Sunday-Saturday 7AM- till the last customer

Falafel Gabay


When searching for the best authentic Israeli foods, my advise is to go to Falafel Gabay. They have delicious choices, among them amazing soups, falafel, hummus and other amazing dishes. Falafel Gabay has two locations in Tel Aviv, one on the busy street of Borgoshov and the other the trendy area of north Dizengoff.

Falafel Gaby has been the premier spot in Tel Aviv since opening their doors in 1946. Their staff is super friendly, making each customer feel like they are at home. They shout as a group joyfully (in Hebrew or English) “we will hug you” meaning they are here for anything the customer needs. If there is a line, the helpful and friendly staff offer falafel and fried potato balls while waiting to order.

Their menu offers authentic Israel food at a reasonable price. The most popular dishes are Moroccan soups, fresh schnitzel, fresh hummus and their amazing falafel. After finding a seat, go to the free salad bar and indulge yourself with fried bread with zatar , pickles and pickled vegetables. Within minutes your tasty order will be ready to enjoy..120125809_7657500_0.20123521_0783750_0.

My advice:Order the falafel .The falafel is fresh –  brown on the outside and yellow within.  They are very generous with the pita packed with delicious falafel balls. The cost of the falafel is 16NIS.

What to Order: Try the Dabushiya which is hummus with shashuka. This dish is like no other – the warm and spicy shashuka meshes so well with the hummus

Price: 30-50NIS

Address: 269 Dizengoff Street and Bograshov Street 25,

Hours: Sun-Thu 10:30-22:30, Fri 11:00-17:00