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Cinco De Mayo Special- Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Tel Aviv

With the increasing popularity of Mexican restaurants worldwide in the past five years, Tel Aviv finally has different tasty and affordable Mexican food to choose from. With the upcoming Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo, on Tuesday May 5th, many restaurants will be hosting different parties and offering great deals. I am highlighting the top 5 Mexican options in Tel Aviv.

El Taco
El Taco menu consists largely of tacos (corn flour tortillas or white flour, soft or crunchy) and Quesadilla (closed tortillas with cheese, aka “The Mexican toast”), filled with chicken, meat or vegetables.  The prices are very affordable – each Taco cost from 13NIS to 19NIS. They offer business lunch deals as well.

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For me, their better dishes are the taco mushroom vegetarian, which contains champagne and shiitake mushrooms with green onions (costing 13 NIS), and the quesadilla, which is served with chicken and beef. Both are served with refried black beans and mozzarella cheese. The chicken option costs 15NIS while the beef option is 19 shekel. In addition, a small plate of nachos is available for 14 NIS. If you are looking for a full meal, you will need to order multiply dishes.

To help wash down your Mexican meal, El Taco offers frozen lime margaritas for 15 NIS and San Miguel beer for 14 NIS.

Address: Yermiyahu Street 17

Hours: Sunday-Saturday 12PM-12AM


Taqueria is located on trendy Rothschild street. This restaurant meets all expectations, with authentic Mexican food exploding with flavor and style. Among the starters is one of the best soups in Tel Aviv, a creamy chicken soup, and mountains of nachos covered in melted cheese, salsa and all the rest. The main courses are exactly what you’d expect in any self-respecting Mexican restaurant – tacos, burritos, chile con carne and quesadillas.

img_8074The atmosphere is friendly and laid back, and the restaurant has special events on Mexican holidays. Considering the quality of the food, the place is extremely affordable and the relaxed atmosphere makes for a comfortable ambience. The staff is very friendly and efficient. This location is a great spot to start your night.

Address: Levontin 28

Hours: Sunday-Tuesday 12PM-Midnight and Wednesday-Saturday 12PM-1AM


Pancho, located on Tchernichovsky street right next to the Carmel Shuk, is unlike other recent Mexican food arrivals in Tel Aviv, Pancho offers the Tex-Mex taste and feel to their customers.  The restaurant can hold up to around 20-25 people and their staff is friendly and always looking for customer feedback. They offer different burritos, tacos and quesadillas at very affordable price that beats their competitors.

img_20150330_144321Pancho’s menu includes most of the normal Mexican options available in most Mexican restaurants, such as tacos, quesadillas and, my favorite, burritos. Pancho’s tacos are delicious and well-priced. The vegetarian taco is 9NIS for one taco or 3 tacos for 24NIS. Chicken or beef tacos are 10NIS for one taco or 3 tacos for 25NIS. Pancho offers a corn tortilla, a first in Tel Aviv, which I highly recommend. Pancho’s quesadillas come in two options. For their original recipe, one quesadilla is for 9NIS or three small quesadillas for 24NIS. Their special quesadilla comes with 3 small quesadillas for 27NIS or one for 11NIS. All the quesadillas are served on a corn tortilla which presents an authentic Mexican taste. Pancho’s burrito, which is my favorite dish, come in two options. The veggie burrito is 18NIS and the chicken or beef burrito is 20NIS. All the dishes tend to be small but are very tasty and affordable.

img_20150330_143846Looking to wash down a drink with your tasty food? Pancho offers different beers and cocktails.  I recommend trying the Bloody Mary or the Margaritas.Pancho offers a unique weekend Tex-Mex brunch unlike any found in the city. I recommend ordering the huevos ranchero (the Mexican shakshuka).

Address: Tchernichovsky 1

Hours: Monday-Tuesday 12PM-6PM, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 12PM-3:30PM, 6PM-11PM, Friday 11AM-3:00

Los Burning Tacos

Los Burning Tacos, located on Allenby street right across the Carmel Shuk, is inspired by El Diabo in Brooklyn,  NY. Los Burning Tacos’ menu includes most of the normal Mexican options available in most Mexican restaurants – such as enchiladas and quesadilla. However, their tacos and burritos are much the rave. Mexican Ceviche (36 shekels), taco or burrito with chicken, fish, beef or shrimp (34-47 shekels) and more are among the many dishes and specials that they offer. If you are looking for starters, they offer nachos with salsa (17 shekels), Mexican corn (17 shekels) and other affordable options.


Besides their delicious food, they also have a full bar which includes draft beer, Arak, whisky and other alcoholic beverages. I recommend ordering the Strong Bloody Mary or their tasty and authentic Burning Margarita, each priced at 31 NIS.

Order: Chicken Taco, which is served with boiled chicken and lots of lime and cilantro. Another excellent dish that I highly recommend is the fish tacos which are induced with jalapeno and lime sauce. Either of these dishes cost you between 15-30 NIS.

Address: Allenby 47

Hours: Sunday–Friday 12Pm-2AM, Saturday 7PM-Til the last customer

Mex and Co 

Mex and Co located in the heart of town on Ben Yehuda Street. Their menu is filled with many different Tex-Mex options. Appetizers on the menu include nachos and corn on the cob. I recommend ordering the nachos which consist of tortilla chips with salsa of tomato, jalapeno, sour cream, cheese and guacamole (24 shekels). Another appetizer I recommend is the Rantz’os, which is a mix of tomatoes and peppers with fried egg and sour cream, served in a crispy tortilla (NIS 24). Their main dishes include choosing how you want to eat your dish in (burrito, tacos or rice dish). Next you decide what meat or veggie option you want in your meal. They offer different kinds of spicy meats such as spicy chicken with onions, Entrecote by skewers, vegetarian shwarma with Mexican spices and many more. With each dish you are offered different sauces which include afrijoles, guacamole, chipotle, lime jalapeno salsa, salsa Verde and vegetables decorate the dish. The basic price per dish is only 29 NIS, while for additional meal extras will cost 4NIS

10646789_699348053453909_4359865630894896865_nThey offer different dinks such as a cold and slushy glass of Margarita (15NIS), homemade tea (10NIS) and other local and Mexican beers.

Address: Ben Yehuda Street 122

Hours:  Sunday-Saturday 12PM-Midnight