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Beer Bazaar- It’s always Israeli Craft Beer’oclock

The hallmark of a good craft beer is the distinctive local flavor it adds to the base of grain, hops, yeast and water. Israeli craft beer, virtually nonexistent until a decade ago, now is available in more than 100 styles. The taste of Israel inside each bottle hints of locally sourced herbs and fruits such as mint, rosemary, date, passionfruit, mango or citron.

In 2013, Beer Bazaar opened their doors for the entire craft beer enthusiast community. Originally opening a small hut in the middle of the exciting Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem and Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, their goal was to provide three local drafts on tap and a place to find local beers by the bottle. Over the past two years, they have expanded to four Tel Aviv locations.

My favorite Beer Bazaar is located on Yishkon street next to the Carmel market. This Beer Bazaar branch serves over 7 drafts on tap featuring a few house brews made off-premises and an assortment of local beers. Their drafts cost 23 NIS for a third of a liter and 29 NIS for half a liter.

With over 100 beers from dozens of Israeli microbreweries to choose from, there’s something for everyone who likes beer and wants to try one they can’t find elsewhere. Since many Israeli microbrews are sold close to the breweries, it may be more difficult to find a Jerusalem brew like Shapiro’s Stout in Tel Aviv, so a central location to sample Israeli beers is a nice way to drink your way around the country without spending hours on the road. You can drink Bazelet from the Golan or some passion fruit infused brew from the Negev without leaving the same barstool. All bottles at the bar cost 26 NIS, a fair price compared to other local bars.

Recently, Beer Bazaar implemented a new Happy Hour at all their locations. Between 5PM-8PM, when you order a draft beer you receive a bottle of one of the 6 crafted beers brewed by Beer Bazaar. While I tend to prefer to enjoy a 1+1 happy hour deal, I also enjoy having craft beers at home which would be tough to find at your local supermarket.

For those looking for some food while drinking your beers, Beer Bazaar provides different Israeli theme bar food options. Their menu consists of fish entrees, pizza, meat sandwiches and healthier options such as grilled eggplant. While their food is tasty, I come here for the craft beer.

Whether you are trying o take a break from the craziness of the market or enlighten friends with the advancement of Israeli craft beer, Beer Bazaar is a great place to knock back a few beers during the day or at night.


BeerBazaar Machane Yehuda :Etz Hayyim St 3 Jerusalem ( KOSHER)

BeerBazaar Yishkon: 36 Yishkon Tel Aviv

BeerBazaar Levinsky 13 Zvulun Street Tel Aviv

BeerBazaar Basta Rambam 1 Tel Aviv

BeerBazaar Rothschild Rothschild Boulevard 142 Tel Aviv

Hours: Sunday- Thursday : 10AM-12AM and Friday 10AM-7PM

Bunny Chow- The First South African Restaurant in Israel

After HaShomer 1 and Arepas, the Carmel Market offers some of the newest and best street food available in Tel Aviv. Bunny Chow, which presents a tasty mix of Indian and South African curry, is all the talk at the moment in the exciting street food community of Tel Aviv.


Bunny Chow is located in the heart of the exciting Carmel Market. Recently opened by a South African who immigrated to Israel and lived with his wife in Britain, they had the dream of opening a tasty South African restaurant in Tel Aviv. After returning to Israel, they looked into the street food market in Tel Aviv and decided on the South African-Indian curry street food.

When ordering you have the option of three types of dishes, one vegan (27 NIS), based on sweet potatoes, chickpeas and carrots, one with beef (34 NIS) and one with chicken (34 NIS), each is different and has different spices. Each Bunny Traditional Chow is served in a fresh roll from the market and a extra spicy carrot salad.

With the location having hardly the space to fit a few workers in the kitchen, the staff at Bunny Chow makes delicious and authentic dishes. In the past month, Bunny Chow has been the entire rave, so during the lunch hour you might have a short line. Even with the busy lunch crowd, the owner and his staff are super friendly. This meal is a quick and affordable option for anyone looking for a spicy meal.


Average Price: 30-40

Address:   Hacarmel 13

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11AM-5PM. Friday 11AM-Entrance of Shabbat

Hashomer 1

In Tel Aviv, you always somehow find yourself eating different fresh street food at great prices in the Carmel Market. The different food stands offer customers many options – from authentic Israeli food to foods from different cultures. One of the new additions to the market is Hashomer 1.


Hashomer 1 recently joined a few months ago the bustling dining scene of the market, but sometimes it seems that they have always been there. The friendly staff presents their customers with fresh food that fits well in the market. The architecture of the restaurant offers their customers the opportunity to sit on bar stools while viewing the chefs prepare their dishes. If you came to the market thinking you were not hungry, you will be unable to resist the temptation.

The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the prices – their main dishes range between 20-30NIS. Outside of the market you will pay at least double. The next thing that caught my attention was the fresh and crispy challah rolls that they serve their sandwiches on. I feel it’s about time that we make the change from the typical pita to a fresh and warm challah roll. The young staff works at a quick pace while preparing dishes and handles each dish as it was their own.

10580251_607277439391951_966736131481326042_n One of the best sandwiches is their Schnitzel moderately priced at 27 NIS. They offer a large fried schnitzel which isn’t too thick prepared fresh, the tender chicken is cooked the right amount of oil and lemon. The sliced sandwich is served on a delicious roll and is paired up with an excellent homemade pickled lemon. This dish is not too heavy and very tasty, making it one of the more popular dishes. One of the more interesting dishes is their Jerusalem mix sandwich which costs 29NIS. I usually won’t recommend Jerusalem mixed grill because I try to refrain eating such a dish, but this Hashomer 1 dish is too tasty not to say no. Their Jerusalem mix sandwich is a perfect mix of mixed grill, tehina and fresh spices. With each bite, it only gets better.


I recommend ordering their vegetable patties which are very tasty and crispy. If you are looking to drink something with your meal I recommend ordering their pink lemonade which is flavored with rose water.


Average price person: 30 NIS

Address: Hashomer 1

Hours: Sunday-Friday  9AM until the last customer

Arepa’s- Not Your Average Food from the Carmel Market

In Tel Aviv, one of the best food locations is the Carmel Market. You can find varied authentic foods at very affordable prices, such as hummus, meat, fish or even fresh micro Israeli crafts beers. One of the best food stands you can find in the Carmel market is Arepa’s.


Arepa’s is located in the heart of the Carmel Market closer to the Carmlit street entrance. Unlike other food stands in the market which provide locals and tourists with Israeli authentic food, Arepa’s presents delicious Venezuelan street food cuisine. After a few months being located in the Friday market in Dizengoff Center, they moved to the fun and always exciting Carmel Market.  Arepa’s started and is managed by two young immigrants from Venezuela. Their stand, no matter what day or what hour of the day, is typically busy with customers.  Their staff prepares the authentic food on location, always fresh. Since their food is corn based, all their items are food gluten-free. The food stand has an amazing atmosphere which makes them a perfect fit for the Carmel Market.1962674_864990086878257_1167472520767932124_n

Like their sign proudly announces, their best dish is their Arepas. Their best is the beef and cheese which costs 25 NIS.  Arepa’s is the pita of Venezuela, a huge pouch of thick corn dough prepared on site. After cooking the meat over the stove for hours they add a small amount of fresh guacamole and lots of cheese which melts to perfection during the preparation of this dish. Arepa’s provides a very interesting texture that is soft and tender in the inside while the outside is slightly crunchy. The addition of pickled jalapenos makes the Arepas very addictive and will bring you back for more.

Apart from their Arepas they offer a delicious chicken or vegetarian casserole. They also offer their home made fried Empanada which is made out of corn or cornmeal. I also recommend ordering their corn pancake which is thick with plenty of melted cheese to please any customer. All their different tasty dishes will make you happy that you made the trip to the busy Carmel Market.


Adress : 11 Hacarmel street

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:30AM-6PM and Friday 9:30Am-4PM

Shmuel- Kebab in a Pita (Yes, Please!!)

The Carmel Shuk area for quite some time has offered all different kinds of street food at very affordable prices. I tend to make the short walk to this area when I am looking for a quick and delicious lunch that will get me through my day. Shmuel, which is located in the Carmel Shuk, is one of my new favorite options in the Carmel Shuk area.


Shmuel opened only a year ago, but the name of the kebab served there has been known far and wide, as Shmuel is a true institution of the market. Located in one of the more pleasant spaces of the Carmel market, customers choose their main dishes which are served in a fresh soft pita or plate. This location is one of the only places in the market that gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of the market, with good music, always happy and warm, with a meticulous design uncharacteristic of the market. Each customer receives personal attention from the staff, always smiling and charming while ordering.

Shmuel’s kebab (28NIS) is probably the most famous dish, the clever combination of excellent kebab with Jerusalem mixed grill served on a soft pita. It absorbs all the juice and to top it off,  I recommend adding tahini which makes it a masterpiece in a pita. In addition, besides the Jerusalem mix grill and kebab, you have the option of adding different thin sliced vegetables, finely chopped parsley, and the perfect amount of lemon juice drizzled to perfection which blends perfectly in the pita.

For those not interested indulging yourself with the pita, on cold winter days you can take comfort in a bowl of soup that changes daily, or sit back and eat the kebab served on a plate with rice, noodles and fried vegetables

Price: 28 NIS


Address: Hacarmel 21

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11AM-6PM and Friday 11AM-4PM

Merkaz Haboureka- a True Eating Experience

In and around Tel Aviv there are so many options where to dine; my favorite is the Carmel Shuk area, where you will find almost an endless array of dining options. One of the more interesting and affordable is Merkas Haboureka.


Merkaz Haboureka, is located in the heart of the Carmel Shuk. Don’t be afraid of the shouting and aggressiveness. This tiny booth/restaurant is in the perfect location to satisfy market goers in search of cheap and tasty street food. Few people can resist the fresh, hot, crispy and soft filling of the combination potatoes and boiled egg – it leaves its mark on your palate. Just don’t forget to pick up napkins before you receive your boureka, as you will need one.

I recommend ordering the boureka in the pita bread for only 25NIS. The perfect mix of a soft pita with the crunchy texture of the boureka creates this delicacy. If you want to make the boureka in a pita even better, add the hardboiled egg.  To top of your lunch, order their apple fried dessert.

g-burika (1)

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, you can order just the boureka without pita. If you do so, I recommend ordering the boureka without potatoes just with the egg.

Price: 25NIS

Address: Hacarmel 24

Hours: Sunday-Friday 10AM-6PM

Rina’s Kebab- No additional flavors needed

During the past few years in Tel Aviv, new trends of food have been introduced.  I recommend ignoring the trends and just sticking to the basics. When looking for proper street food at a great price, I recommend staying close to the Carmel Shuk. When searching the best kebab, look no further then Rina’s Kebabs.


Rina’s Kebab, located in the Carmel Shuk, opened her doors over 50 years ago.  Rina provides different daily dishes based on her favorite ingredient, the kebab.  The meat is grilled on a charcoal grill the traditional way – customers feel like they are at a picnic in the. Unlike other kebab restaurants where they add different spices for flavor, Rina only uses the freshest meat available and only adds salt and pepper while cooking the meat. Trust me – it is so good it doesn’t need anything else.  For the past 50 years there has been no changes at her restaurant, long term Tel Aviv residences say that almost everything, from the recipe to the tablecloth, has stayed the same. Makes sense – don’t change something when there is nothing wrong with it.

Now time to eat – for only 24 NIS you get a pair of delicious and ethnically authentic kebabs.  Each order comes with two long juicy kebabs; each kebab is cooked to perfection. Each order comes with a fresh pita, home-made pickles, turkish salad and coleslaw.  If you ask, she also offers fresh hummus that she makes fresh daily.

Price: 24 NIS

Address: Simtat HaCarmel 31

Roni Meats- a Hidden Gem in the Carmel Shuk

When walking in the Carmel Shuk, there are endless options where to indulge yourself for a delicious meal. The different restaurants options vary from hummus, Moroccan food and meat eateries. If you’re looking for the best deal, don’t go further than Roni Meat.


Roni Meat, located in the middle of the Carmel Shuk, is possibly one of the least know gems in Tel Aviv. To find – walk 2/3 of the way down the shuk starting from the Allenby entrance. They are located on the right side where all the local meat butchers are selling their fresh meat. When you do find Roni Meats, you will be lucky if you can find a seat as there are only 5 places to sit. The atmosphere of the restaurant is authentic, from the smells of the fresh meats around you to the viewing of your meal being prepared.

IMG_20150316_125531They offer non-meat dishes such as sabich, omelet and shashuka for the small price of 13NIS in a pita, 15NIS in a baguette and only 20 NIS on a plate. I recommend you go with the meat options – they offer fresh meats which include homemade kebab, schnitzel, baby chicken, chicken breast, chicken livers, chicken hearts and spicy hot dogs.  Their meat is always very fresh and rich in flavor. Each order is available in a pita (17NIS), baguette (20 NIS) and on a plate (25NIS). They include hummus, French fries, different salads and different sauces that will spice up your meal. I recommend the gamba and the garlic sauce.

Order: Baby chicken in a pita with a can of coke. Roni gives you plenty of meat in a pita, which will keep you satisfied for hours.


Average price: 20NIS
Address: Carmel Shuk

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10AM-5PM and Friday 10AM-till an hour before Shabbat.



 Erez Yemen QuarterWhen wandering in the Carmel Market area you’re looking for some local ethnic food but can’t decide from all the different options. Erez is the true hidden gem in the Yemenite quarter next to the Carmel  Market.

Erez menu varies from different chicken and meat dishes to hummus plates to authentic Yemenite soup.  My advice is to get the lunch special for only 33 NIS. In the lunch special you choose from two skewers ( spring chicken, liver, kebab, red meat or heart of chicken) and three side dishes ( Israeli salad, hummus, white rice, fries, tehina, white beans or green beans).

Average price per plate: 25 NIS

My advice: to order the schnitzel with three side dishes. The schnitzel is fresh and rich in taste. My advice of the three sides is to take the white rice, fries and israeli salad.

Erez schnitzel meal (Small)

Tip: come either before 12pm or after 1.30pm, if you don’t want to wait in line for a table.

Address: 24 Nahliel Street, The Yemen Quarter
Hours: Sun-Thurs 9 a.m. till 7 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. till one hours before Shabbat enters
Phone: (03) 510-2555

Erez beef soup


Hummus Hacarmel


While walking through the Carmel Shuk you could easily miss this hole in the wall gem. The second you walk inside you get hit with the smell of hummus. There is no better smell and reaction that you can get from any other hummus restaurant around. Usually there is a small line when you first walk in. Once you get to the counter you will see on your left how large the seating  accommodations really are.


zangaru_6_22102013124632_abu hasan
Now it’s time Order:  At the counter you have three options to choose from either hummus or masabacha or hummus fol, all are amazing and at the same price. My recommendation  is to get the masabacha. Masabacha is a warm and thick plate that is filled with a rich taste of  tehina, many  chick peas, a small amout of high quality olive oil, cut up pickels and  diffrent choices of spices. The

Price: NIS 12!

What you get with the Hummus:  two fresh homemade pitas bread in a bag. They sell cold beverages for 5 shekels.

Fun fact: Hummus Hacarmel is an old Jewish synagogue. From the torah scroll to the siddurim to the layout of the  sitting  area you can tell your seating in an old synagogue.

Hummus HaCarmel – HaCarmel 11, Tel Aviv