Shmuel- Kebab in a Pita (Yes, Please!!)

The Carmel Shuk area for quite some time has offered all different kinds of street food at very affordable prices. I tend to make the short walk to this area when I am looking for a quick and delicious lunch that will get me through my day. Shmuel, which is located in the Carmel Shuk, is one of my new favorite options in the Carmel Shuk area.


Shmuel opened only a year ago, but the name of the kebab served there has been known far and wide, as Shmuel is a true institution of the market. Located in one of the more pleasant spaces of the Carmel market, customers choose their main dishes which are served in a fresh soft pita or plate. This location is one of the only places in the market that gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of the market, with good music, always happy and warm, with a meticulous design uncharacteristic of the market. Each customer receives personal attention from the staff, always smiling and charming while ordering.

Shmuel’s kebab (28NIS) is probably the most famous dish, the clever combination of excellent kebab with Jerusalem mixed grill served on a soft pita. It absorbs all the juice and to top it off,  I recommend adding tahini which makes it a masterpiece in a pita. In addition, besides the Jerusalem mix grill and kebab, you have the option of adding different thin sliced vegetables, finely chopped parsley, and the perfect amount of lemon juice drizzled to perfection which blends perfectly in the pita.

For those not interested indulging yourself with the pita, on cold winter days you can take comfort in a bowl of soup that changes daily, or sit back and eat the kebab served on a plate with rice, noodles and fried vegetables

Price: 28 NIS


Address: Hacarmel 21

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11AM-6PM and Friday 11AM-4PM

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