Shlomo and Doron Hummus- Possibly the Best and Most Underrated Hummus in Tel Aviv

When searching in Tel Aviv for yet another great hummus option, you don’t need to look any further than Shlomo and Doron in the Kerem. Located right next to the Carmel shuk, this hummus restaurant has become a local favorite.


When looking for great food in the Yemenite quarter, my personal favorites are the many hummus restaurants. Shlomo opened is restaurant in 1937 and his legacy is being carried on by his grandson Doron till this day.  Every day around lunchtime you will find a long line waiting for  a table, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. Don’t wait till the end of the day, like most hummus establishments in Tel Aviv, they close by 3PM.

Shlomo & Doron sticks to a simple menu that features their original hummus recipe – nothing fancy. They do offer different hummus plates, such as hummus with mushrooms and their popular hummus ful (made from a small type of fava bean). For true hummus lovers they offer the complete, which are hummus, ful and tehina all on one plate. For those who want their favorite masabacha (warm hummus),   it comes spiced up with cumin, paprika, lemon and garlic. Each order of hummus is served with a plate of onions, lemons, hot sauce and warm pita bread.


Order: Their original hummus. Most hummus lovers will try to convince you to order the complete or the hummus ful, but trust me, their plain hummus does not need anything added to it, it’s that delicious.

Price: 19NIS

Address: 29 Yashkon Street

Hours: Sunday-Friday 7AM-3PM


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