Sandwich Itzik and Ruthie- The best sandwich in Tel Aviv from your favorite old couple


It’s five in the morning on a weekday, you’re located at a crowded restaurant on trendy Sheinkin Street with a long line of people waiting to buy a sandwich. You might be confused, but if you’re at Sandwiches Itzik and Ruthie then this middle of the night experience makes perfect sense. When a lovely couple makes sandwiches for over 57 years, you know that something excellent is happening there. So what’s their secret?  Fresh bread and vegetables, special zucchini salad, and eggs are just a few of the delicious things that bring people back to this sandwich place until the early hours of the morning.


There is one thing that brings customers back asking for more, it’s this intangible thing called “love” which every customer receives with every sandwich. Itzik and Ruthie present such warmth when making each sandwich, you feel like a little kid again, who goes to school with their sandwich made by their very own mother.


The menu offers their famous sandwiches with tuna salad, eggplant salad, avocado salad, herring, cream cheese, spicy carrots and zucchini salad. In addition, they offer a renowned shakshuka in a bun and tasty hot dogs with fresh sauerkraut.

Order: Scrambled eggs with beef jerky and smoked sausage in a fresh bun. The sandwich is smeared with mayonnaise and tomato, pickles and strips of lettuce soaked in salt water.   The eggs are very rich in flavor with every mayonnaise flavored bite creating a heavenly taste.


Owners Recommendation: Order the salad sandwich, which is composed of zucchini, perfectly cooked brown onions and dill.

Price:18 NIS

Address: 53 Sheinkin Street

Hours: Sunday-Friday 3:30AM-11AM or till they run out of food

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