Sabich Tcherichovsky- A masterpiece in a pita that is worth the wait


In comparison to falafel, sabich has made a name for itself for being less a street food and more of an eating experience, even though both fall under the category of the best two foods in a pita. The Iraqi custom is to eat sabich on the weekend, using the egg and potatoes from their home cooked cholent. Sabich tends to be rich in quality and affordable and is worth every shekel, having the customers begging for more.


Sabich Tchernichovsky is one of the best sabich locations in Tel Aviv. The perfectionist owner, Effi, views his sabich as a true work of art.  Effi might not be the friendliest with his lack of a smile and a loud voice towards his customers, but for nearly seven years, Effi’s has been the place of all the talk in the sabich community. If you intend to come for lunch, be prepared, as you will be in line for awhile.


Sabich Tchernichovsky is one of the more expensive sabich options (only 18 NIS) in Tel Aviv, but it is definitely worth the extra few shekels.  This hole-in-the-wall sabich restaurant makes sabich so delicious that you will keep on coming back. Despite the daily long lines, the staff take their time creating each and every sabich sandwich.  Each ingredient is covered cleverly in the fresh and tasty pita, providing the ideal blend of flavors in every bite.  The delicious eggplant is thin and crispy, providing an appetizing kick with its exceptional and unidentifiable seasoning.  It mixes well with the soft and creaminess of the boiled egg and pickled flavored sauce known as “amba”.  Sabich Tchernichovsky also includes red cabbage, a astonishingly crunchy addition to the stuffed pita. On the wall behind the staff , a sign that reads in Hebrew, “No sale of sabich without eggplant”, showing how serious they are about their sabich with a taste of their Israeli humor.


Order:  Cheese sabich. I know it’s not the original sabich, an astonishing hummus-based delicacy. For those adventurous customers, order the cheese sabich. The hummus is replaced with fresh goat feta cheese, which combines with an egg and a boiled potato, spicy vegetable salad, lemon and garlic dressing, lettuce (adds a crispiness), red cabbage and onions and tahini on top. The final masterpiece is the best sabich you will ever eat. I recommend ordering a Gazoz – a fruit syrup flavored seltzer which goes perfect with the sabich.

Price: NIS 18

Address: 2 Tchernichovsky Street

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10:00-20:30, Friday 10:00-15:30

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