Roni Meats- a Hidden Gem in the Carmel Shuk

When walking in the Carmel Shuk, there are endless options where to indulge yourself for a delicious meal. The different restaurants options vary from hummus, Moroccan food and meat eateries. If you’re looking for the best deal, don’t go further than Roni Meat.


Roni Meat, located in the middle of the Carmel Shuk, is possibly one of the least know gems in Tel Aviv. To find – walk 2/3 of the way down the shuk starting from the Allenby entrance. They are located on the right side where all the local meat butchers are selling their fresh meat. When you do find Roni Meats, you will be lucky if you can find a seat as there are only 5 places to sit. The atmosphere of the restaurant is authentic, from the smells of the fresh meats around you to the viewing of your meal being prepared.

IMG_20150316_125531They offer non-meat dishes such as sabich, omelet and shashuka for the small price of 13NIS in a pita, 15NIS in a baguette and only 20 NIS on a plate. I recommend you go with the meat options – they offer fresh meats which include homemade kebab, schnitzel, baby chicken, chicken breast, chicken livers, chicken hearts and spicy hot dogs.  Their meat is always very fresh and rich in flavor. Each order is available in a pita (17NIS), baguette (20 NIS) and on a plate (25NIS). They include hummus, French fries, different salads and different sauces that will spice up your meal. I recommend the gamba and the garlic sauce.

Order: Baby chicken in a pita with a can of coke. Roni gives you plenty of meat in a pita, which will keep you satisfied for hours.


Average price: 20NIS
Address: Carmel Shuk

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10AM-5PM and Friday 10AM-till an hour before Shabbat.


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