Rina’s Kebab- No additional flavors needed

During the past few years in Tel Aviv, new trends of food have been introduced.  I recommend ignoring the trends and just sticking to the basics. When looking for proper street food at a great price, I recommend staying close to the Carmel Shuk. When searching the best kebab, look no further then Rina’s Kebabs.


Rina’s Kebab, located in the Carmel Shuk, opened her doors over 50 years ago.  Rina provides different daily dishes based on her favorite ingredient, the kebab.  The meat is grilled on a charcoal grill the traditional way – customers feel like they are at a picnic in the. Unlike other kebab restaurants where they add different spices for flavor, Rina only uses the freshest meat available and only adds salt and pepper while cooking the meat. Trust me – it is so good it doesn’t need anything else.  For the past 50 years there has been no changes at her restaurant, long term Tel Aviv residences say that almost everything, from the recipe to the tablecloth, has stayed the same. Makes sense – don’t change something when there is nothing wrong with it.

Now time to eat – for only 24 NIS you get a pair of delicious and ethnically authentic kebabs.  Each order comes with two long juicy kebabs; each kebab is cooked to perfection. Each order comes with a fresh pita, home-made pickles, turkish salad and coleslaw.  If you ask, she also offers fresh hummus that she makes fresh daily.

Price: 24 NIS

Address: Simtat HaCarmel 31

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