Ratzon Falafel- Among the best falafel found in Tel Aviv for only 6 shekels

פלאפל רצוןWalking the lively streets of Tel Aviv, I always look for the best deals available for the Israeli homegrown street food called “falafel”. Different locations around Tel Aviv offer falafel at the lowest prices found in the city. After passing Ratzon Flaffel numerous times and not stopping because my lack of patience with the long line, I had to see what all the fuss was about.


Ratzon Falafel is located on the busy street of King George. Arriving right before the busy lunch crowd, this falafel stand looks like almost every falafel stand around Israel. There is one difference here though – the price. A falafel costs only 6 NIS. The owner, Liron, serves each customer with his own “personal masterpiece in a pita”. Each serving comes in a fresh homemade pita bread with hummus and 5 or 6 falafel balls, which are made to perfection. Inside the pita bread is Israeli salad with cabbage and topped it off with Tehina or Amba.

Order: Falafel, It’s the only thing on the menu and you will thank me.

Address: King George 17

Hours: SundayThursday 9AM-7:30PM, Friday 9AM-3PM


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