Port 19

In recent years in Tel Aviv, the quality of hot dogs and sausages have changed drastically for the better. In the past, sausages that were available were made from low-grade meat and street food became an afterthought. Today’s sausages have become juicy, artistically prepared main courses and are made of fresh beef (usually not kosher). One of the best sausages options in the heart of the city is Port 19.


Port 19, located on Shlomo ha-Melekh Street, provides one of the better hot dogs in the White City. If you have been lucky enough to taste a really great sausage in Tel Aviv, I am almost positive that it was made by Alan Talmor. Since I’ve been in Israel, my friends and I always have complained about the lacking of an authentic hot dog. This has all changed when you taste the hot dogs of Alan Talmor. Forget about the typical chicken and beef sausages that are available in Tel Aviv. Talmor authentic sausages are the best in the city. Port 19 offers a wide variety of homemade sausages. Each sausage is served in a fresh roll with mustard and sauerkraut. The restaurant‘s location is small, but the sausages will bring you back every time.


I highly recommend the Sicilian sausage which will only cost you 28NIS. This is a veal sausage with dried tomatoes, capers, raisins and many types of herbs. This juicy masterpiece in a bun is bursting with flavors and proves why it might be the best sausage in the Middle East. The combination of fresh and crisp cabbage with sauerkraut and soft is so perfect, and on each table they provide Sriracha sauce adds a great zest.

If you’re looking for other sausage options, I recommend the Bedouin sausage. This beef sausage is served with almonds with different spices. Another great option is the Boerewors sausage. This unique sausage is one of its kinds which are cooked with coriander, cardamom, red wine and Worcester  sauce.


If you are not in the sausage mood,  I recommend ordering the Spanish burger which is full of flavor with  smoked paprika and other spicy flavors.

Price: 28NIS

Not Kosher

Address: 2 Shlomo ha-Melekh

Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-Midnight and Friday 11:30AM- 4PM

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