Pasta Basta


Fresh pasta at a very low price in the heart of Tel Aviv…

No matter what day and what time you are wandering  around the Carmel market area, you will see people gathered around  this overcrowded pasta restaurant looking to see what all the fuss is about. Pasta Basta presents daily made pasta on the spot and geared differently to the customers requests.

This history of this small  chain of pasta places, opened by two childhood friends in Jerusalem.  Pasta Basta offers good quality dishes at a great price. Here a plate of pasta can cost you between 20NIS to 40NIS. Even adding different toppings the price still beats almost all other Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv. Other places around Tel Aviv won’t come near to the price and my personal opinion is that Pasta Basta pasta tastes more fresh and richer in taste than the more expensive Italians restaurant options.


Once you walk into Pasta Basta this is  the simple and quick process for ordering your meal:
1. Choose your pasta (also wholewheat and vegan options).
2. Choose your sauce.
3. Choose additional ingredients

You pay at the cashier and within in a few minutes your fresh plate of pasta is at your table.

My advice: Order your delicious plate of pasta with their fresh pesto sauce.

Pasta Basta has a great options of hard liquors but i recommend to get a glass of red wine which only costs 14 NIS.

Price: Between 20 NIS to 40 NIS

Address: Allenby 60 ( at the entrance of the Carmel Market)

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12PM-12AM, Friday 11AM- 5PM, Saturday 7PM-12AM

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