Pancho- Delicious and Well-priced TEX-MEX in the Heart of Tel Aviv

After the increasing popularity of Mexican restaurants worldwide in the past five years, it’s time that Mexican food has finally arrived in Tel Aviv. One of the more exciting Tex-Mex options is Pancho. They officially haven’t had their grand opening yet, but they are open for business with regular business hours.


Pancho, located on Tchernichovsky street right next to the Carmel Shuk, is unlike other recent Mexican food arrivals in Tel Aviv, Pancho offers the Tex-Mex taste and feel to their customers. The three chefs behind this new Tex-mex restaurant hail from Austin City, Texas, Mexico and Argentina. The restaurant can hold up to around 20-25 people and their staff is friendly and always looking for customer feedback. They offer different burritos, tacos and quesadillas for a very affordable price that beats their competitors.


Pancho’s menu includes most of the normal Mexican options available in most Mexican restaurants such as tacos, quesadillas and, my favorite, burritos. Pancho’s tacos are delicious and well-priced. The vegetarian taco is 9NIS for one taco or 3 tacos for 24NIS. Chicken or Beef tacos are 10NIS for one taco or 3 tacos for 25NIS. Pancho offers a corn tortilla, a first in Tel Aviv, which I highly recommend. Pancho’s quesadillas come in two options. For their original recipe, one quesadilla is for 9NIS or three small quesadillas for 24NIS. Their special quesadilla comes with 3 small quesadillas for 27NIS or one for 11NIS. All the quesadillas are served on a corn tortilla which presents an authentic Mexican taste. Pancho’s Burrito, which is my favorite dish, come in two options. The veggie burrito is 18NIS and the chicken or beef burrito is 20NIS. All the dishes tend to be small but are very tasty and affordable.


Looking to wash down a drink with your tasty food? Pancho offers different beers and cocktails.  I recommend trying the Bloody Mary or the Margaritas.

Pancho offers a unique weekend Tex-Mex brunch unlike any found in the city. I recommend ordering Huevos Ranchero (the Mexican Shakshuka).


Order: A beef burrito with 3 special quesadillas with a margarita. It won’t look like much but it will fill you up and it won’t put a big dent in your wallet.

Average price: 40NIS

Address: Tchernichovsky 1

Hours: Monday-Tuesday 12PM-6PM, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 12PM-3:30PM, 6PM-11PM, Friday 11AM-3:00

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