Hashdera 34

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Great food with a great atmosphere at a good price…

While walking on Dizengoff street you might wonder where can I go out to eat without spending too much money. Hashdera 34 which is located right off the corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion street. Hashdera presents a menu with almost every kind of food you could ask for at great prices. Their menu is set by price range. If its Appetizers which vary from the great price of 15NIS to main dishes that are priced between 30NIS to 70NIS. For those who are looking for a steak Hashdera 34 offers it for only 89 NIS. The portions of all the main dishes tend to be very large.

The atmosphere of Hashedra 34 is great.  I advise  come early or you will be stuck in line. Peak dinner hours you might have to wait in line for 15 minutes at most.The staff are very friendly and very talkative. The Staff will offer you free shots of alcohol various times throughout the meal.  Their bar is fully stocked with any drink you would want and the prices of their alcohol are less than other Tel Aviv restaurants.


Recommendation: Order the Scallopini. This dish is boneless  grilled chicken  served on mashed potatoes or rice. I advise to order it with mashed potatoes. Personally I would say this is their best dish. If you are less than four people i recommend to sit on the bar, this will come with many free shots from the bartender.

Address: Ben Gurion 34

Hours: 7 days a week 12:00 PM-1:00 Am

Not Kosher


Pasta Basta


Fresh pasta at a very low price in the heart of Tel Aviv…

No matter what day and what time you are wandering  around the Carmel market area, you will see people gathered around  this overcrowded pasta restaurant looking to see what all the fuss is about. Pasta Basta presents daily made pasta on the spot and geared differently to the customers requests.

This history of this small  chain of pasta places, opened by two childhood friends in Jerusalem.  Pasta Basta offers good quality dishes at a great price. Here a plate of pasta can cost you between 20NIS to 40NIS. Even adding different toppings the price still beats almost all other Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv. Other places around Tel Aviv won’t come near to the price and my personal opinion is that Pasta Basta pasta tastes more fresh and richer in taste than the more expensive Italians restaurant options.


Once you walk into Pasta Basta this is  the simple and quick process for ordering your meal:
1. Choose your pasta (also wholewheat and vegan options).
2. Choose your sauce.
3. Choose additional ingredients

You pay at the cashier and within in a few minutes your fresh plate of pasta is at your table.

My advice: Order your delicious plate of pasta with their fresh pesto sauce.

Pasta Basta has a great options of hard liquors but i recommend to get a glass of red wine which only costs 14 NIS.

Price: Between 20 NIS to 40 NIS

Address: Allenby 60 ( at the entrance of the Carmel Market)

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12PM-12AM, Friday 11AM- 5PM, Saturday 7PM-12AM


 Erez Yemen QuarterWhen wandering in the Carmel Market area you’re looking for some local ethnic food but can’t decide from all the different options. Erez is the true hidden gem in the Yemenite quarter next to the Carmel  Market.

Erez menu varies from different chicken and meat dishes to hummus plates to authentic Yemenite soup.  My advice is to get the lunch special for only 33 NIS. In the lunch special you choose from two skewers ( spring chicken, liver, kebab, red meat or heart of chicken) and three side dishes ( Israeli salad, hummus, white rice, fries, tehina, white beans or green beans).

Average price per plate: 25 NIS

My advice: to order the schnitzel with three side dishes. The schnitzel is fresh and rich in taste. My advice of the three sides is to take the white rice, fries and israeli salad.

Erez schnitzel meal (Small)

Tip: come either before 12pm or after 1.30pm, if you don’t want to wait in line for a table.

Address: 24 Nahliel Street, The Yemen Quarter
Hours: Sun-Thurs 9 a.m. till 7 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. till one hours before Shabbat enters
Phone: (03) 510-2555

Erez beef soup


Hummus Hacarmel


While walking through the Carmel Shuk you could easily miss this hole in the wall gem. The second you walk inside you get hit with the smell of hummus. There is no better smell and reaction that you can get from any other hummus restaurant around. Usually there is a small line when you first walk in. Once you get to the counter you will see on your left how large the seating  accommodations really are.


zangaru_6_22102013124632_abu hasan
Now it’s time Order:  At the counter you have three options to choose from either hummus or masabacha or hummus fol, all are amazing and at the same price. My recommendation  is to get the masabacha. Masabacha is a warm and thick plate that is filled with a rich taste of  tehina, many  chick peas, a small amout of high quality olive oil, cut up pickels and  diffrent choices of spices. The

Price: NIS 12!

What you get with the Hummus:  two fresh homemade pitas bread in a bag. They sell cold beverages for 5 shekels.

Fun fact: Hummus Hacarmel is an old Jewish synagogue. From the torah scroll to the siddurim to the layout of the  sitting  area you can tell your seating in an old synagogue.

Hummus HaCarmel – HaCarmel 11, Tel Aviv


Eat Meat







Cuisine  : Argentine

Looking in the tiny space that is Eat Meat, you will see crowded faux wood counters, delicious smelling, succulent looking entrecote on the grill, and some very good-looking sandwiches being made assembly-line style. The sandwiches are made on round ciabatta buns heated to a crispy golden brown.


First, mayo, Dijon mustard and chimichurri sauce are applied. Next, grilled meat, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato are piled on. There is an option to add an egg for an extra five shekels, which I highly recommend. The end result is one mean sandwich that will leave you with a full belly and a smile on your face.

Price: The sandwiches will set you back a mere NIS 31.

Tip: Sit at the bar to watch a constant stream of sandwich creation.  Address: 68 King George

IMG_1583Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 a.m. till 10 p.m., Fri 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.  Not kosher

Beer Drop-CLOSED


Vibes: Neighbourhood bar

Beer drop is a new low price concept bar on Ibn Gabirol Street. This neighborhood bar presents customers with a price that can’t be beat.   Every item on the menu only costs 10 NIS. If it’s from draft beers to wine to different hard liquor shots. There is a food menu as well, I recommend the popcorn while drinking draft beer. The vibes of Beer drop are very casual without any music playing in the outdoor seating. There are  8 tables in the outdoor seating that can hold four people per table. The inside section of the bar has limited seating. The concept of the bar is that there are no waiters with the customers ordering their own food and drinks at the bar. The two or three bartenders behind the bar are very friendly and work at great pace so there is rarely a line. The regular age of the crowd at the bar are in the early 20’s but with the ten shekel menu appeals to all ages.

Price: 10 NIS for every beverage and food item


  • Beer: Goldstar, Goldstar unfiltered , Maccabi, Newcastle, Paulaner, Heineken and Shandy.
  • Wine: Cabernet, Merlot andCava.
  • Chasers: Jameson, Tequila, Arak, Absolute vodka, Gin Beefeaters,Tubi 60
  • Food: Pizza, Pretzels, PopCorn(I recommend  order this while drinking beer), Empanadas, munchies, Edamame.

Tip: Get to the bar early!! The tables fill up by 22:00  every  night.


Address: Ibn Gabirol 17
Hours: Sunday-Monday 6:00 pm – 2:00 am

Sabich Frishman


Cuisine origin: Iraqi

When one thinks of fast food in Israel, falafel immediately comes to mind. The lesser-known sabich is a must-try, and many foodies will tell you that there is nothing better to sink your teeth into.  Sabich was introduced by Iraqi Jews, and was first seen in Israel in Ramat Gan in 1958. Rather than deep fried chickpeas, Frishman Sabich fills your pita with eggplant, egg, and potato. In addition to this are the familiar accompaniments of hummus, tehina, tomato, parsley, cucumber, purple cabbage and onion, which are all loaded on generously.

The mango based spicy and rich in flavor sauce called amba takes this dish is the game changer. The combination of egg and hummus is a very interesting and creates a satisfying interplay of flavors that will leave your taste buds yearning for another bite.

Price: This glorious pita will only set you back NIS 17.

Tip: Be sure to stock up at the salad bar with portions of pickled cabbage, peppers and carrots. It also should be noted that the sharp flavor of vinegar contrasts and enhances the flavors in the sabich.
Address: 42 Frishman
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 a.m. till midnight, Fri 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., one hour after Shabbat goes out
kosher, vegetarian