Merkaz Haboureka- a True Eating Experience

In and around Tel Aviv there are so many options where to dine; my favorite is the Carmel Shuk area, where you will find almost an endless array of dining options. One of the more interesting and affordable is Merkas Haboureka.


Merkaz Haboureka, is located in the heart of the Carmel Shuk. Don’t be afraid of the shouting and aggressiveness. This tiny booth/restaurant is in the perfect location to satisfy market goers in search of cheap and tasty street food. Few people can resist the fresh, hot, crispy and soft filling of the combination potatoes and boiled egg – it leaves its mark on your palate. Just don’t forget to pick up napkins before you receive your boureka, as you will need one.

I recommend ordering the boureka in the pita bread for only 25NIS. The perfect mix of a soft pita with the crunchy texture of the boureka creates this delicacy. If you want to make the boureka in a pita even better, add the hardboiled egg.  To top of your lunch, order their apple fried dessert.

g-burika (1)

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, you can order just the boureka without pita. If you do so, I recommend ordering the boureka without potatoes just with the egg.

Price: 25NIS

Address: Hacarmel 24

Hours: Sunday-Friday 10AM-6PM

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