Los Burning Tacos – Bringing the Flavors of Mexico to Tel Aviv


After the increasing popularity of Mexican restaurants worldwide in the past five years, it’s about time that we have Mexican food options in Tel Aviv. One of the more intriguing Mexican options is Los Burning Tacos. They offer a creative and fresh take on Mexican street food.

Los Burning Tacos, located on Allenby street right across the Carmel Shuk, is inspired by El Diabo in Brooklyn,  NY, which helped with the design of the Tel Aviv restaurant and also helped with two recipes that are served at Los Burning Tacos.  The restaurant is not that big, but the staff is very friendly and gives personal attention to each customer.

After receiving my order, I talked with the owners, who explained they came up with the idea of opening their restaurant after successfully running the Teder “pop up” bar last summer. Their restaurant has been gaining popularity since they opened their doors..

Los Burning Tacos’ menu includes most of the normal Mexican options available in most Mexican restaurants – such as enchiladas and quesadilla. However, their tacos and burritos are much the rave. Mexican Ceviche (36 shekels), taco or burrito with chicken, fish, beef or shrimp (34-47 shekels) and more are among the many dishes and specials that they offer. If you are looking for starters, they offer nachos with salsa (17 shekels), Mexican corn (17 shekels) and other affordable options.


Besides their delicious food, they also have a full bar which includes draft beer, Arak, whisky and other alcoholic beverages. I recommend ordering the Strong Bloody Mary or their tasty and authentic Burning Margarita, each priced at 31 NIS.


Order: Chicken Taco, which is served with boiled chicken and lots of lime and cilantro. Another excellent dish that I highly recommend is the fish tacos which are induced with jalapeno and lime sauce. Either of these dishes cost you between 15-30 NIS.

Average price: 35-50 NIS

Address: Allenby 47

Hours: SundayFriday 12Pm-2AM, Saturday 7PM-Til the last customer

Not Kosher

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