Hummus Mashawsha- A northern Israeli style of hummus in the heart of Tel Aviv


When looking for another hummus option in Tel Aviv,  you don’t need to look any  further than Hummus Mashawsha on Pinkser street in downtown Tel Aviv. Located right next to the corner of trendy Borgoshov and Pinkser Street, this Upper Galilee hummus restaurant has the perfect Tel Aviv neighborhood feel offering delicious homemade hummus.

“Mashawsha” has fascinated the locals in Tel Aviv for quite some time. The name has an exotic sound – people question what exactly Mashawsha is.  Made in the Upper Galilee. Hummus Mashawsha has brought a unique style of hummus to Tel Aviv. Since the arrival it has become quite the rave.


What exactly is Mashawsha? It is hot chickpeas mixed with garlic, lemon, and tahini. The warm hummus has a sharp taste from the lemon and a nice bite from the chunks of garlic.  There is just enough tahini for the flavor, but not too much to overwhelm the hummus.  The chickpeas are super soft and dissolves into the hummus once it touches your tongue.

For those who are looking to eat something besides hummus, they also offer different salads, soup and Lavana. Trust me, if you are making the trek, order the hummus. It is to die for. They offer delivery unlike most hummus places in the Tel Aviv area.

Each order of hummus comes with two warm pita (whole-wheat pita is an option), homemade pickled vegetables and their famous homemade olives and onions. Don’t forget to try their homemade green hot sauce.


Order: Mashawsha, hence the name of the restaurant. Unlike other styles of hummus which are typically heavy, Maswasha presents a light filling which is a perfect for those who want their perfect plate of hummus and continue their busy day. A plate of Mashawsha goes for 26NIS and it is worth every shekel.

Average price per person: 20-30 NIS

Address: Pinsker 40

Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11am-11pm, Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday 12pm- 11pm

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