Hummus Hacarmel


While walking through the Carmel Shuk you could easily miss this hole in the wall gem. The second you walk inside you get hit with the smell of hummus. There is no better smell and reaction that you can get from any other hummus restaurant around. Usually there is a small line when you first walk in. Once you get to the counter you will see on your left how large the seating  accommodations really are.


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Now it’s time Order:  At the counter you have three options to choose from either hummus or masabacha or hummus fol, all are amazing and at the same price. My recommendation  is to get the masabacha. Masabacha is a warm and thick plate that is filled with a rich taste of  tehina, many  chick peas, a small amout of high quality olive oil, cut up pickels and  diffrent choices of spices. The

Price: NIS 12!

What you get with the Hummus:  two fresh homemade pitas bread in a bag. They sell cold beverages for 5 shekels.

Fun fact: Hummus Hacarmel is an old Jewish synagogue. From the torah scroll to the siddurim to the layout of the  sitting  area you can tell your seating in an old synagogue.

Hummus HaCarmel – HaCarmel 11, Tel Aviv


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