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Saluf and Sons- A Nostalgic Yemenite Experience in the White City

One of the special and unique experiences that Tel Aviv and Israel provides are the varied cultures. In Israel you can find Jews from Morocco, Russia, Ethiopia, Belgium, the United States, pretty much from every corner of the Jewish world. One of the oldest Jewish communities is the Yemenite community. If you want to enjoy delicious and affordable Yemenite food, music and culture, Saluf and Sons creates an exciting Yemenite culinary experience.

Located on Nahalat Binyamin street, Saluf and Sons is located at the halfway point between the Carmel shuk and the trendy Florentine neighborhood. While there is many other home cooking “style” restaurants in the area, Saluf and Sons kitchen offers unique and delicious entrees that are the perfect mix of fresh and spice.

The Yemenite meat soup is the most expensive dish on the menu, costing 35 NIS. This delicious dish comes with rice and a secret sauce made on location. Their most famous dish is jachnun, which is served with tomato sauce and a spicy hard boiled egg costing a 21 NIS. Another very popular dish is the malawah, offered in two different styles. The Yemenite, which is served with fresh tahini, tomato sauce and a hard boiled egg, and the Eastern style which is accompanied with delicious hummus, tomato sauce and spicy pickles. Each Malawah dish costs only 21 NIS.

Other dishes include the Yemenite kubah, spicy soups, couscous and rice based dishes. The majority of dishes are available either with meat or vegetarian. For those who can’t make it for lunch, they offer a happy hour special where all the dishes are half price.

For those looking to have a drink with their meal, they offer three different sizes of  Goldstar draft beers; a small beer costs 11 NIS, a half-liter is and 25 NIS and a liter is 52 NIS. Don’t be shocked while indulging in these delicious Yemenite dishes to receive free arak shots.

While most of Tel Aviv’s culinary scene is increasing in prices, Saluf and Sons reminds you that sometimes it’s best to go back to your roots.


Address: Nahalat Binyamin St 80

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11AM-11PM, Friday 11AM-PM

House of Hummus and Ful-The Hummus and the Experience

Since the establishment of the state of Israel or even before, the one question that has everyone wondering is “Where is the best hummus in Tel Aviv?” There so many options to choose from, but I have to say, House of Hummus offers one of the most underrated plates of hummus you will find in the white city.

The House of Hummus is not a new addition to the thriving hummus community in Tel Aviv. Located on the busy street of Chashmonaim, which is filled with many outdoor recreation stores and various restaurants, House of Hummus offers a tasty plate of hummus for a quick breakfast or a nice lunch break. The menu includes many non-hummus local dishes such as Malawach, chicken breast schnitzel, and a breakfast omelet. Each dish is served with a small plate of hummus – no matter the order. Equally important: the place is clean, the prices are affordable and the atmosphere is excellent.

Now for the hummus, they offer a delicious plate of Masabacha for only 16 NIS while their best dish is known as “The Triple”. This dish is both attractive and affordable, with a fresh plate of hummus and ful, a generous order of fries, and five falafel balls.  This dish is served with a small bowl of chopped salad, pickle plate, and puffy and tasty bread. The one downside might be the service, despite the waiters repeated explanation that each dish takes time, service was slower them most hummus joints around Tel Aviv. Overall if you don’t mind the slow service but you’re looking for a fresh, tasty plate of hummus which is also kosher, you have come to the right place.


Address: Chashmoanim 119

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8AM-5PM

Falafel Tamdor- Worth the Trek to South Tel Aviv

tadmor-falafel-with-spicy-peppersSince the beginning of time, the one question that has everyone wondering is “Where is the best falafel in Tel Aviv?”. There so many options to choose from but I say Falafel Tamdor in south Tel Aviv is definitely in the discussion.

Almost 40 years ago, Rachel (the owner of this falafel stand), opened a tiny falafel stand on Salme Street in south Tel Aviv.  When I mean tiny we aren’t joking – this triangle-shaped stand has only enough room for Rachel to stand and make her delicious falafel for her street food customers. Since their opening, there is no resident in south Tel Aviv who doesn’t know of Rachel’s falafel  or who hasn’t been lucky enough to eat the fresh falafel she offers on a daily basis.

Heads up, there is no valid parking in the area at any time of the day, so customers tend to eat quickly and move on with a smile on their face after tasting this delicious falafel. Though it has been decades since it first opened the line that sweeps around the block still exist for her fresh falafel in a fresh pita.

120123409_4845000_0.Tamdor Falafel is only 11 NIS  for a whole falafel and 6 NIS for half pita. Each falafel is served in a large homemade pita which contains many falafel balls and different freshly made salads with spicy sauces. For those looking to test what level of spiciness they can handle, they offer an extremely spicy green zhug. I recommend trying their home made Turkish salad which is made with olives, uncommon in an authentic Turkish salad. Some will be against adding Turkish salad to their falafel, thinking it will change the taste, but I beg to differ – it enhances your pita with a splash of spiciness which makes the falafel even better.

Even though Tamdor is predominately known for their falafel, recently they have added shawarma to their menu. I recommend sticking to their falafel, but if you must, they offer shawarma for 20 NIS in a pita and 11NIS for half a pita. Many people will be against making the trip to the more exotic south Tel Aviv for a falafel, but we recommend you try it for yourself and don’t think twice.


Address: Salme 98

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9am-9pm and Friday 9am-2 hours before Shabbat

Hakosem- The Best Falafel in Tel Aviv But Don’t Skip their Hummus

Four of Israel’s best known streets foods are hummus, shawarma, falafel and sabich (fried eggplant). Scattered throughout Tel Aviv are many places that offer you each of these. Hakosem offers some of best Israeli street food you can find in the center of Tel Aviv


Hakosem is located on Shlomo Hamelech Street, only a half block away from Dizengoff Center. People recommend their famous falafel, but actually they offer many other tasty dishes as well. Besides always having a long line, there are always plenty of places sit down to enjoy their excellent dishes. Whether you are eating  a dish served in a pita or sitting down for relaxing meal, the large helpful staff provides excellent service that  will remind you that this is not just another of the falafel stand, but a significant stopping point for the hungry.


One of their best dishes that they  offer is their homemade hummus, costing 29NIS. While people in the past have written about their “Best in Tel Aviv Falafel Balls” I recommend paying more attention to their homemade hummus. For those looking for a fresh plate of delicious of hummus, you came to the right place. The hummus is made fresh throughout the day, so it is always hot and fresh. Each plate of hummus is served with a fresh pita (whole wheat option as well), onions and pickles, spicy hot pepper, garlic, and enough lemon sauce to complete the perfect plate of hummus.


Their newest dish that has been the talk of the local food aficionados is their creation that they call Haborik. Hakosem offers two versions of the dish, sabich (20 NIS) and meat (25 NIS). While their sabich version is a re-engineering of the dish we have all come to love, their meat version is excellent with amazing texture and flavor. The thin dough is served with an egg, potato and parsley, and fresh ground beef with a perfect amount of garlic.

For those looking for different kinds of dishes, I recommend ordering their famous falafel or their lesser known dish called “haraime”. This chicken dish combines a spicy tomato sauce with chunks of grilled chicken just enough to question how have I not seen this anywhere else?


Price: 15-40NIS

Address: Shlomo Hamelch 1

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:30AM-11PM, Friday 9:30AM-4:30PM

Shlomo and Doron Hummus- Possibly the Best and Most Underrated Hummus in Tel Aviv

When searching in Tel Aviv for yet another great hummus option, you don’t need to look any further than Shlomo and Doron in the Kerem. Located right next to the Carmel shuk, this hummus restaurant has become a local favorite.


When looking for great food in the Yemenite quarter, my personal favorites are the many hummus restaurants. Shlomo opened is restaurant in 1937 and his legacy is being carried on by his grandson Doron till this day.  Every day around lunchtime you will find a long line waiting for  a table, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. Don’t wait till the end of the day, like most hummus establishments in Tel Aviv, they close by 3PM.

Shlomo & Doron sticks to a simple menu that features their original hummus recipe – nothing fancy. They do offer different hummus plates, such as hummus with mushrooms and their popular hummus ful (made from a small type of fava bean). For true hummus lovers they offer the complete, which are hummus, ful and tehina all on one plate. For those who want their favorite masabacha (warm hummus),   it comes spiced up with cumin, paprika, lemon and garlic. Each order of hummus is served with a plate of onions, lemons, hot sauce and warm pita bread.


Order: Their original hummus. Most hummus lovers will try to convince you to order the complete or the hummus ful, but trust me, their plain hummus does not need anything added to it, it’s that delicious.

Price: 19NIS

Address: 29 Yashkon Street

Hours: Sunday-Friday 7AM-3PM


Abu Adham- A True Tel Aviv Hummus Experience

When looking for another great hummus option in Tel Aviv, you don’t need to look any further than Abu Adham on Carlebach street. Located at the southern end of Carlebach Street, this vintage hummus restaurant, which opened it’s doors in 2003, has the authentic local hummus experience that everyone will enjoy.


Abu Adham, located on busy Carlebach street, offers a unique Israeli hummus restaurant experience. Unlike other well-known hummus restaurants in and around Tel Aviv, they are located “off the beaten path”. If you are wandering around Tel Aviv looking for a hummus restaurant, chances are that you would  never end up finding Abu Adham.

The original Abu Adham  restaurant is located  in Kfar Yassif in the Galilee. In 2003, they opened their Tel Aviv branch with much success.  The hummus at Abu Adham is prepared fresh every day with the texture of their famous Galil  recipe – very smooth.  If you still hungry after finishing the first plate, the second plate is on the house.


Their menu is short and to the point. They offer 4 different kinds of hummus for 25NIS – Hummus Ful, Hummus with garbanzo beans, Mashshewea and “The Shlisha ( ful, garbanzo beans and meshashawa). For. 35NIS you can get three different  types of Hummus dishes, Hummus with meat, Hummus mushrooms and plain Hummus.  You can also order hummus to take home in different sizes.

Other than hummus, they offer French fries and falafel balls which have the true ethnic dipped in oil taste. If you are looking for a healthier side dish they offer a few simple salads. They offer a few kinds of dessert which include Malabi which for those who never had is a very tasty and light dessert


Order: a plate of the shelishia with a small order of fries, 4 falafel balls ,and a cup lemonade.

Average price per person: 25-35NIS

Address: Carlebach 7

Hours: Sunday-Saturday 10AM-6PM

Cafe Kaymak- Unique Vegetarian Cafe in the South of Tel Aviv


During the past few years, healthy eating has taken over Tel Aviv.  The vast majority of cafes in and around Tel Aviv have started to offer more and more vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. While many cafes only offer limited vegetarian options,  Café Kayamak offers one of the best and varied vegetarian meals in Tel Aviv.

Cafe Kaymak, who opened their doors in 2009, is a vegetarian coffee shop that specializes in ethnic cooking. Recently, this small coffee shop has became a popular, trendy spot for the younger crowd in Tel Aviv. All their fresh ingredients are bought directly from the nearby shuk.


Cafe Kaymak is famous for its breakfast dishes and its Friday mornings specials. Saturday nights the coffee shop hosts a live music show. The name of the cafe come from the word ‘Kaymak’ which is Turkish slang for the French term ‘creme de la creme’.

The Café can sit up to 30 customers at one time. The staff is very friendly but don’t expect a quick meal. Like their regular customers, the staff tends to be laid back and your order might take longer than expected.


Though their menu changes every day, there are a few dishes that are offered daily. Some of these dishes include cooked Jerusalem artichoke casserole, different stews such as lentil stew with dried fruit, black bean stew with soy protein and roasted pumpkin. Among their most popular dishes are their Indian style dishes,  which are based on cashew cream, cream and/or peanuts. They offer healthy delicious desserts with their most famous dessert being the Carrot cake.

Recommended dishes: – Vegan bean soup served with rice and their famous hummus Abu Dhabi.


My favorite dish: Their couscous is cooked to perfection with different fresh vegetables . You will think that you are back in Morocco eating local couscous.

Price:30NS – 40NIS

Address: Levinsky 49, Shuk Levinsky

Hours: SundayThursday 8:30AM-1:00AM, Friday 8:30AM-4:00PM and Saturday 7:30PM-11:30PM

Hummus Mashawsha- A northern Israeli style of hummus in the heart of Tel Aviv


When looking for another hummus option in Tel Aviv,  you don’t need to look any  further than Hummus Mashawsha on Pinkser street in downtown Tel Aviv. Located right next to the corner of trendy Borgoshov and Pinkser Street, this Upper Galilee hummus restaurant has the perfect Tel Aviv neighborhood feel offering delicious homemade hummus.

“Mashawsha” has fascinated the locals in Tel Aviv for quite some time. The name has an exotic sound – people question what exactly Mashawsha is.  Made in the Upper Galilee. Hummus Mashawsha has brought a unique style of hummus to Tel Aviv. Since the arrival it has become quite the rave.


What exactly is Mashawsha? It is hot chickpeas mixed with garlic, lemon, and tahini. The warm hummus has a sharp taste from the lemon and a nice bite from the chunks of garlic.  There is just enough tahini for the flavor, but not too much to overwhelm the hummus.  The chickpeas are super soft and dissolves into the hummus once it touches your tongue.

For those who are looking to eat something besides hummus, they also offer different salads, soup and Lavana. Trust me, if you are making the trek, order the hummus. It is to die for. They offer delivery unlike most hummus places in the Tel Aviv area.

Each order of hummus comes with two warm pita (whole-wheat pita is an option), homemade pickled vegetables and their famous homemade olives and onions. Don’t forget to try their homemade green hot sauce.


Order: Mashawsha, hence the name of the restaurant. Unlike other styles of hummus which are typically heavy, Maswasha presents a light filling which is a perfect for those who want their perfect plate of hummus and continue their busy day. A plate of Mashawsha goes for 26NIS and it is worth every shekel.

Average price per person: 20-30 NIS

Address: Pinsker 40

Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11am-11pm, Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday 12pm- 11pm

Abu Hassan- The best hummus you will ever eat


In Tel Aviv, people often discuss which restaurant has the best hummus. The overall winner is Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan, located in Jaffa, has been serving their customers for almost 50 years the finest hummus available anywhere. Opened by the patriarch of the family, Abu-Hassan, the restaurant is well known throughout Tel Aviv and Israel for its fresh, authentic and exceptional hummus. No one knows what the secret recipe is, but I feel it has to do with the perfect amount of garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Make sure you arrive for an early lunch or breakfast (yes, hummus is meant to be a breakfast dish), because once they run out of hummus, they close for the day.


Upon making the trek to Jaffa and waiting in line (on average 20 minutes), you realize that every part of the Abu Hassan experience is totally worth the wait. Typically, you share a table with total strangers, which is part of the Abu Hassan experience. The staff works quickly and efficiently, and serves the plates of hummus very quickly. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, but you will be expected to be on your way once you have finished eating so others can take your place. Sitting beside strangers and eating humus with pita-bread and fresh onion. There is nothing quite like it.


On Fridays, Abu Hassan is so packed that you are pressured to finish your plate and leave in order to let other people in. For a less hectic experience I recommend to come mid week.

The menu is very limited, only humus, masbacha and pita-bread, topped off with cooked chickpeas or fava beans, and served with fresh onion and lemon juice.


Order: The triple, a portion of hummus, ful (fava beans) and masabacha. For those who haven’t experienced masabach, masabacha is warm hummus with a creamy texture that is served with fresh tehina, garlic and lemon.  The dish is spiced with cumin, paprika, olive oil, and some hot pepper sauce on the side.

Price: NIS 19

Address: 1 Dolphin St. (on the hill),

Hours: Sunday-Friday 7:45Am- 2:45PM or until the hummus runs out

Abu Dahbi Hummus

Not Your Average Hummus Spotimg_6375

In Tel Aviv, hummus has marked its place as the king of fast-food meals rarely relegated to the lowly supporting role as a spread or dip. Locals in Tel Aviv can go on for hours arguing which is the best hummus and why. While Abu Dhabi might not always be a fan favorite it is definitely in the conversation.

Hummus Abu Dhabi offers a different kind of hummus experience.  While they present customers with their very own Galilee style hummus, they also offer Hummus Meshawsha ( hot chickpeas) and Hummus Ful ( hummus with fava beans). Customers have the option to order salad, french fries and one shekel falafel balls as well.

The atmosphere at Abu Dahbi is unlike any other hummus place in Tel Aviv. The vibes are very reggae-influenced, that sets both your mind and stomach in the perfect mood to be in hummus heaven. Reggae music and lifestyle are firmly rooted in current Tel Aviv culture, so the vibes at Abu Dhabi  fits in perfectly well within the collective mindset of the locals.

My advice: order the Meshawsha. You might ask yourself what exactly is Meshawsha? It’s hot chickpeas mixed with garlic, lemon, and tahini. The warm hummus had a sharp taste from the lemon and a nice bite from the chunks of garlic.  There is just enough tahini for the flavor, but not too much to overwhelm the hummus.  The chickpeas are super soft and dissolves into the hummus once it touched your tongue.

Average Price: 25NIS

Address: King George 81
Hours: Sun- Thurs 10 a.m. till 8 p.m., Fri 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.
(03) 525-9090
Not kosher, vegetarian