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Just about everywhere you turn in Tel Aviv during Chanukah you’ll encounter sufganiyot, or donuts. Supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, and yes, bakeries. And in all those places you can always pick up powdered sugar-covered, strawberry jelly-filled sufganiyot. Roladin just blows their competition away,  They offer the traditional strawberry filled sufganiyot, but don’t waste your time with those. Roladin offers so many more mouth-watering flavors.


With it now being Chanukah, everyone is looking for their beloved sufganiyot. All 9 Roladin locations, regardless whether it’s day or night, will be crowded. Some locations have an outdoors or extra section just for buying their sufganiyot. So my advice is to be patient because the outcome will be totally worth it.
Screenshot_2015-12-08-18-54-20Roladin  offers many different flavors. They created sufganiyot  which has “chasers”, small vials of liquid you inject into the donut before eating. The flavors of “chasers” includes tiramisu with mascarpone cheese, coffee and white chocolate which they call Black Forest (whipped cream), Belgian Chocolate and a cherry chaser, Bianco Chocolate which is Italian milk chocolate ganache, Sugar Pearls and a chocolate hazelnut chaser. Some of their other flavored sufganiyot are Creme Brulee with a shard of caramel, Ginger-Lime Curd, Apple Cider, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Chai Sufganiyot with orange-pumpkin buttercream, Tiramisu, Halva, Oreo, Pistachio, Chocolate, and  Caramel and many more…

Warning: Roladin posts the calorie counts of each sufganiyah on the menu, which will scare some people away, but trust me its worth the extra calories.


Price: 5NIS-15NIS

Locations: 9 locations across Tel Aviv.

Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 PM