Bourekas Amikam

In the past few years on the trendy street of Ibn Gabirol, some of the best restaurants found in Tel Aviv have opened up. While these new restaurants have captured the excitement of Tel Aviv “foodies”, I tend to stay with what I am familiar with. One of the better local street foods is bourekas. I recommend Bourekas  Amikam.


Bourekas  Amikam, located on Ibn Gabirol street right on the corner of Kaplan, is one of the oldest bourekas  stands in the area. It’s  original recipe is the best that I’ve found. They opened their doors over 15 years ago and has been blessing the locals with amazing fresh bourekas ever since.

I recommend ordering their tasty spinach with cheese bourekas (NIS 20). All their homemade bourekas are made with spinach and cheese. Each bourekas tends to be crispy, very filling and not too greasy like other bourekas that I’ve sampled in the city. Each bourekas is served with a hardboiled egg, pickle, tahini and the dipping tomato sauce (a must!). I recommend asking for Zatar spices and spreading them all over the bourekas .


They also offer different bourekas, such as regular cheese, cheese and olives, and potatoes and mushroom. If you’re looking for desserts they offer Turkish style malbi, cheesecake, and chocolate mousse. I recommend ordering their fresh Turkish coffee.


Price: 20NIS

Address: Ibn Gabirol 21

Hours: Sunday-Thursday all day, Friday 7AM until two hours before Shabbat, Saturday night til 2AM

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