Arepa’s- Not Your Average Food from the Carmel Market

In Tel Aviv, one of the best food locations is the Carmel Market. You can find varied authentic foods at very affordable prices, such as hummus, meat, fish or even fresh micro Israeli crafts beers. One of the best food stands you can find in the Carmel market is Arepa’s.


Arepa’s is located in the heart of the Carmel Market closer to the Carmlit street entrance. Unlike other food stands in the market which provide locals and tourists with Israeli authentic food, Arepa’s presents delicious Venezuelan street food cuisine. After a few months being located in the Friday market in Dizengoff Center, they moved to the fun and always exciting Carmel Market.  Arepa’s started and is managed by two young immigrants from Venezuela. Their stand, no matter what day or what hour of the day, is typically busy with customers.  Their staff prepares the authentic food on location, always fresh. Since their food is corn based, all their items are food gluten-free. The food stand has an amazing atmosphere which makes them a perfect fit for the Carmel Market.1962674_864990086878257_1167472520767932124_n

Like their sign proudly announces, their best dish is their Arepas. Their best is the beef and cheese which costs 25 NIS.  Arepa’s is the pita of Venezuela, a huge pouch of thick corn dough prepared on site. After cooking the meat over the stove for hours they add a small amount of fresh guacamole and lots of cheese which melts to perfection during the preparation of this dish. Arepa’s provides a very interesting texture that is soft and tender in the inside while the outside is slightly crunchy. The addition of pickled jalapenos makes the Arepas very addictive and will bring you back for more.

Apart from their Arepas they offer a delicious chicken or vegetarian casserole. They also offer their home made fried Empanada which is made out of corn or cornmeal. I also recommend ordering their corn pancake which is thick with plenty of melted cheese to please any customer. All their different tasty dishes will make you happy that you made the trip to the busy Carmel Market.


Adress : 11 Hacarmel street

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:30AM-6PM and Friday 9:30Am-4PM

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