Abu Adham- A True Tel Aviv Hummus Experience

When looking for another great hummus option in Tel Aviv, you don’t need to look any further than Abu Adham on Carlebach street. Located at the southern end of Carlebach Street, this vintage hummus restaurant, which opened it’s doors in 2003, has the authentic local hummus experience that everyone will enjoy.


Abu Adham, located on busy Carlebach street, offers a unique Israeli hummus restaurant experience. Unlike other well-known hummus restaurants in and around Tel Aviv, they are located “off the beaten path”. If you are wandering around Tel Aviv looking for a hummus restaurant, chances are that you would  never end up finding Abu Adham.

The original Abu Adham  restaurant is located  in Kfar Yassif in the Galilee. In 2003, they opened their Tel Aviv branch with much success.  The hummus at Abu Adham is prepared fresh every day with the texture of their famous Galil  recipe – very smooth.  If you still hungry after finishing the first plate, the second plate is on the house.


Their menu is short and to the point. They offer 4 different kinds of hummus for 25NIS – Hummus Ful, Hummus with garbanzo beans, Mashshewea and “The Shlisha ( ful, garbanzo beans and meshashawa). For. 35NIS you can get three different  types of Hummus dishes, Hummus with meat, Hummus mushrooms and plain Hummus.  You can also order hummus to take home in different sizes.

Other than hummus, they offer French fries and falafel balls which have the true ethnic dipped in oil taste. If you are looking for a healthier side dish they offer a few simple salads. They offer a few kinds of dessert which include Malabi which for those who never had is a very tasty and light dessert


Order: a plate of the shelishia with a small order of fries, 4 falafel balls ,and a cup lemonade.

Average price per person: 25-35NIS

Address: Carlebach 7

Hours: Sunday-Saturday 10AM-6PM

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