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Aba GilIn the past few years, a new trend has hit Tel Aviv and is taking over the White City. Organic vegan food is the new “it” food in Tel Aviv.   Even though there have been many vegan options in Tel Aviv, only recently are we seeing this trend at its full force. One of the best vegan options in our beloved Tel Aviv is Abba Gil. Even if you are not into organic vegan food, visit Abba Gil and try their delicious vegan dishes. The dishes are healthy, simple, and are perfect for a balanced meal for a healthy body.

ggg-gil20124821_5265000_0.Aba Gil, which opened it’s doors in 2005, offer a tasty menu consisting of soups, salads, hummus, baked falafel with tehina, Aba Gil variety plate, steamed vegetables and brown rice, pashtida (which is a Mediterranean quiche), lunch specials and delicious desserts. All menu items are gluten-free and whole wheat pita is available upon request. They use  only fresh, whole and organic ingredients in the preparation of their dishes.

68ec313badc07b2e5cbb5ebb8b2ef4f0For appetizers, the selections are the household hummus (22 NIS) which comes with fresh whole wheat pita, tahini (16 NIS) and baked lentil falafel (16 NIS). You can order a fresh salad in different sizes, with modest but appealing extras such as lentils, sprouts, sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds (36/22 NIS), or house salads, such as beet salad and quinoa salad (20-18 /10 NIS).

Among their main dishes are a variety of  beans and vegetables,  pashtida or vegan meatballs, hummus and tahini (36 NIS). You can order brown rice and steamed vegetables with quinoa and lentils for 29 NIS. They offer pashtida vegetables and legumes for 22 NIS. For those looking for soups, bean soup and lentil soup (which are made fresh every day) are available in two different sizes (14 NIS or 24 NIS).

Aba Gil business mealOrder: I recommend ordering the dish known as Full Plate. This amazing dish includes hummus, tehina, brown rice, red lentils, cooked green peas, cooked vegetables, and vegetable quiche or vegetable patties. The entire dish is very tasty while being healthy and organic. This masterpiece will only cost you 44NIS

Average price:40 NIS

Address: 55 Yehuda Halevi

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00AM-5:30PM, Friday 9AM-3:30PM,

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